That which started it all…

Many on Reddit has requested that I set up some kind of blog to continue to log my adventures in EVE Online. This (right now) will be the page for that.

The initial Reddit post that started all this insanity (including the CCP tweets and Facebook post) can be found here:

More will come soon!



2 thoughts on “That which started it all…

  1. Man oh man… do you bring it all back. We have another here in the EvE blogsphere who struck a very similar chord with us ‘old timers’… Space Noob (… he wrote u a post a day for his firs t100 days ingame… it was amazing. Your story bring back so much, and I, unlike many, have not reached Bitter Vet status (yet), I am still deeply in love with our ‘verse and it’s wile and weird inhabitants…Heck, I am one of em! I live inna C6 wormhole with 700 other weirdos!!!

    Anyhoo… thanx for giving me a laugh and reaffirming my appreciation on this wonderful virtual ‘verse we share… Good luck, welcome to new Eden and welcome to the blogshere!!!

  2. Blog like a crazy man but be careful of burnout. You have to fly to write. You made me want to start it all up again. Congrats and welcome to the game of games!

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