“The cheapest one is in Hek, though.” I said.

“Yes,” he replied, “But Hek is a shitty trading hub. Don’t go to Hek. You’re only 10 jumps away from Jita. If you’ve never been before, you want to go. Trust me.”

I altered course in the map and punched the autopilot, and watched as Rising Star rolled to starboard and spooled up her warp drive.

Autopilot again. I was getting lazy. Doesn’t matter if Rising Star gets destroyed. Just buy another.

There was that voice in my head again, the same voice that was tainted by all the ISK I had now. I caught myself buying something that was a million ISK more expensive in one place, just so I didn’t have to make an extra jump to go somewhere. My laziness had pissed away more money than I had made toiling in the Veldspar fields for all those hours. It was sickening.

My Corporation now is Deep Space Logistics [DPSLG]. These are the fine folks I was mining with the other day. Our CEO is Kurt Gaterau; he is a good man.


This is Kurt. He, like many other Capsuleers, apparently has an aversion to light. Lei does not suffer from this, mostly because of the absolutely terrible selection of glasses in the character customization system. No, I don’t want to spend AUR on those damn goggles everyone seems to love.

Anyway, I decide that I am going to divest myself of assets, and leave myself a modest amount from my donations because otherwise, EVE is going to be spoiled for me. I decide to keep some of the ships that were donated to me (more than 50 of them are Gallente Tristan frigates, amusingly) but I give a couple of others away to people who have become friends since my arrival in New Eden. I give Kurt a Dominix, which pains me a little because I really like Drone Boats now, and the Dominix was one of my goals as something to fly in the future.

Earn it yourself. Spend your ISK on PLEX and get some subscription time. Then play EVE the way its supposed to be played. Don’t let the metagame spoil the actual game.

I sigh. I like that voice better. I give Kurt the Dominix (which he refers to as “Space Potato”) and he names it “Windfall”, in honor of how it was initially procured by me. It is a fitting name, and I hope he uses it to crush his enemies, see them driven before him, and hears the lamentation of their women.

Oops, Tranquility just came back online. More later.


7 thoughts on “Laziness

  1. perhaps you should call it “game of capsules”! no less kingdoms, politics or treachery! the motto fits as well “in the game of capsules you win or you die”!

  2. Oh DAMN… Good name that. I love my blogs name but that would have been in contention had I though of it… And I when I open yours I always think, “Rising Star” is a good name, but it is just the name of one ship… yes, a special ship, but still… I used to have a Drake, my 1st one, named very proudly, “ShitFit”… when I was trying to remember if I was on IX or X when naming a replacement Drake one day I realized the ships are, in EvE, a consumable… and while I love me my ship names and some are special to me, the game is about my virtual life on the other side of the sky in EvE… not about the ships I fly…

    I wondered if that was going to be your final blog name or if you would, as you grew in EvE, want to reflect the wider implications of this our virtual life…

    “Game of Clones” is an epic and very to the point name for a blog about EvE… =]

  3. Haha, fantastic stuff. Keeping the right balance of metagame vs. metawork is the challenge with any MMO. I’m sure Everquest was/is just as much of a demand in its own way.

    Wealth certainly does influence game behaviour like it influences RL behaviour. (Good choice on the PLEX.)
    Just wait until you decide to pay a courier to collect all your donations from around the galaxy and plop them at home base. ;D Having just consolidated all my own goods has definitely confirmed my desire to spec for freighters and blockade runners on either my main or alt.

  4. Instead of giving away your isk, you should invest it in something. This keeps it out of your hands, so you aren’t tempted to waste it before you know what to waste it on, but gives you the option of getting it (and some profit) back later when you actually need it.

    If you’re interested, drop me a line. I can probably suggest a low-risk, very-low-effort investment that won’t involve trusting anybody else with your isk.

  5. Yes yes yes. Spend ALL of that money NOW on PLEX and cash all the PLEX in immediately on game time. Allow yourself to experience more of the delights of discovery and small accomplishments at a natural pace. There’s no point in rushing. You can’t win EVE any more than you can win life.The best experience is to learn and grow and enjoy the adventure along the way. It’s funny how a lot of RL anxieties can get played out in EVE. The money was part of your connection with a lot of people and part of a cool experience on Reddit. It’s still early enough to rid yourself of it with minimal damage…and you get game time!

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