Blog Style: Feedback Update

Many of you have expressed the desire for me to continue writing the way I did initially (and not so much with the RP style) which is just fine. 🙂

Thank you all for the feedback!


2 thoughts on “Blog Style: Feedback Update

  1. Great stuff! Just read your latest entry. Keep it up. I suggest not writing as a character and just as yourself. RP in EVE is actually immersion breaking IMO. But if you want to write fiction based on what’s going on in game do it. Make a separate blog for that. It’s an interesting time in EVE with the war just getting started and null sec industry becoming potentially more independent. Seems you’re already pretty engaged in the emergent content so keep going with that. Stay engaged with other players, have fun, and don’t crack out on EVE too much. It’s not going anywhere. It will be much more enjoyable long term if your wife and friends don’t feel like they have to compete with a game. EVE can suck you in too deep if you let it.

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