Battlecruiser Operational

I have a Battlecruiser.

I appear to have skipped Cruisers entirely. I’m sure this is a bad thing and I’m missing out of far too many skills that I need, but whatever. A highly skilled player in an Ishkur can likely tear my shiny new Battlecruiser to shreds. Actually I know this is true since I open up my certificates planner and see an ocean of red Xs all over certain categories. I have been trying to restrict my skills to increase my core competency but other stuff always seems to sneak in there, taking up my time and my skill points.

Oh, I’m running missions. A couple of points in Social wouldn’t hurt. Oh hey look, a Connections Skill, that will help with my standings so I can finally start running L3s. Oh hey look, a Security Connections skill, now I just need to train Leadership to 3…

Before I know it, I’ve queued up a couple of days worth of skills that weren’t even anywhere near my skill plan in EVEmon.

Anyway, back to my Battlecruiser. Its a Gnosis. Stop laughing, its a good ship, even though she looks like a folksy wicker art project. It also neatly bypasses all my problems with skills that I mention above, at least in terms of requirements to fly the damn thing. I’m actually almost at the point where I consider this cheating since the thing only requires Spaceship Command I, and gives full weapon bonuses with no skill requirements.

If nothing else, the Gnosis is ridiculously flexible. Six Highs, Mids and Lows, 5 Turrets, 5 Launchers, Damage Bonuses to all weapon types and a huge bonus to Scan Probe Strength. It also turns on a dime and has a decent drone bay. Problems? Its slow as hell and its shield recharge rate is just awful.

My major issue with it is that technically it kinda breaks Rule #1 for me, as in “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.” Its a 70+ million ISK ship. That’s like 50 Destroyers. I’m not super rich from my Reddit donations anymore since I spent most of that ISK on PLEX (Free EVE, yay).

I love flying the Gnosis because I can actually kill stuff without having to sink days into Gallente Battlecruiser V or whatever and its flexibility lets me try lots of new things that I wouldn’t normally, but I’m terrified of screwing up and losing it. This is not the way EVE should be played.

I’m going to ask you guys a question, somewhat in light of the big argument in the comments of my nullsec roam post where people were either deriding or supporting Gallente ships. Until this point I’ve flown almost exclusively Gallente but the Gnosis has opened my eyes up to a lot more than just Hybrid Turrets and Hobgoblins.

I’m thinking of moving towards a Raven, or a Hurricane for a while. Flying the Gnosis (first ship with launchers) has given me a love of missiles and in general a more visceral combat approach. The drones boats I frequently fly are effective but they remind me of why I don’t play pet based classes in MMOs – I prefer a more active role other than supporting my minions. The Raven seems to be a strong, popular PvE ship and the Hurricane a strong PvP contender. What would you guys recommend?


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    • Thanks for the heads up; I did notice that when I first got my hands on it. I didn’t know the history behind the Gnosis being in the game but now that I’ve read up on it, it makes sense why it can’t be insured.

      I imagine that they’ll only increase in price since there is a finite number; I don’t believe there are any BPOs or BPCs out there for them, right?

      • The price will drop slightly when the Collectors Edition comes out since it’s rumoured to contain some Gnosis BPCs. The price will, I presume, slowly climb after that but now they have the ship I can’t imagine CCP never dropping some in again somehow.

        The Gnosis also makes a great hi value, low m3 hauler. Tanked and warpstabbed and starts with a 900m3 cargo bay. The align time and slow speed make it good for warping gate to gate. Good for running t2 modules back from market.

        It’s a great noob ship but I can’t bring myself to risk mine.

        Skills: just go for whatever you want to do. I’d be wary of specialisation on your first character. What if you don’t like the thing you’ve aimed at once you get there? I’d go for a well rounded approach in a lot of things (get level 4 in em and 3 in the support skills) and try them out before committing to a long specialised skill grind which will tempt you to play Skill Queue Online or EVEMon Monitoring…

  1. When thinking about which race of ships to train you should start by thinking about tanks and weapon systems.
    You already said you didn’t like drones thats a – for Gallente and Amarr.
    Do you prefer shieldtanking or armortanking? The two ships you metioned are Minmatar and Caldari so I’d guess you preferr shields.
    No drones and shields hints heavily towards Caldari or Minmatar, the later are faster “skirmishy” ships the former are generally tankier and tend to have high range.
    Now the last choice is missiles and a bit of hybrids or projectiles and a bit of missiles.
    Make that decission and not only will you know your next ship but you will also have a handy priority list for your tanking and weaponsskills.

    As a general hint I’d prioritize skills in this way: core-fitting skills > your chosen tankskills > your chosen weapon and shiprace
    That said for your main ship the skill should be at IV to fly it.

    Have fun in your Gnosis and don’t take it to low … or at least tell me if you do 😉

  2. Preferences for any races isn’t really what you do in nullsec; You want to know what NPC’s you fly again and then choose the best option for it. If you do it the other way (choose a race to fly) it means you’re hampering yourself.
    Shield tankers do very well in caldati Nullsec (Up North), and passive (shield recharge) for Blood Raiders for example. Bring an armor Domi to Bloodraiders and you die horribly.

    There are a few ships that really work well, basically everywhere : The Loki and the Tengu. This because you can tweak them with subsystems to match what you’re facing. Flying them with subpar support skills (yes Certificates , certificates and more Certificates) is NOT an option.
    The Loki can actually shine both armor and shield tanked , and IMO the very best option for solo PVE in nullsec.

    In teams (also wormholes) RR ships like a dominix really do well, and is what I’m flying with my friends all the time.

  3. Recommendation:
    (1) Play EVE;
    (2) skill up to and Fly those ships that intrigue YOU;
    (3) continue with #s 1 & 2;
    (4) continue with #s 1 & 2;
    (5) continue with #s 1 & 2…

    See a pattern yet? =]

    Seriously, a small factoid you may or may not know… Reliable sources have purported that it would take 28 REAL YEARS to skill ‘every skill’ available in EvE to L5… justthinkboutit… 28 real years… What this means is, you have all the time in the ‘verse…

    Keep your skill Queue Full; fly to keep your wallet fat (enough); enjoy the ships you have and gaze longingly at those you want to fly… You can, eventually, fly any ship in EVE, you’ll get there… =]

  4. I’m Gallente so started in Armor/Drone boats. The next thing I trained was Caldari so I could get into a Drake. Back then, Drakes were the king of just about everything. After the missile nerf last year they lost a lot of their luster. Their slow and I no longer get a super shield tank AND 70+ KM range. That made PvE way too easy. Now that’s I’ve started dabbling in PvP, I actually find I am looking at things differently. Armor ships rock in fleets. Having shields in front of armor gives you and the logi pilots time to react to the fact you’ve just become primary. With a shield tank, you can be half stripped of them before anyone notices. The Gallente ships are also DPS monsters when fit with T2 turrets and ammo. A Proteus with Void ammo will chew through just about anything in short order. But that’s a close in and personal fight. Missiles generally don’t end it quickly. They’re a stand off weapon and you either kite or you kite with them. Choosing your ship has more to do with your prefered fighting style then just about anything else. Jester did a really nice piece on PvP: Take a look at Phase 1 and you’ll see what I mean. That article should help you decide what to fly and when. That said, do you know the difference between a missile and a drone? One flies “straight” to the target and explodes, the other is intelligent. LOL

  5. Just one other thought that ha been bubbling away on the back burner… I now realize why I don’t really ‘like’ the Gnosis. I mean it’s an OK ship with a very generalized layout, capable of doing a whole ‘lot’ of things, just none of them very ‘well’, if you catch my meaning…

    And a very real down side is, noobs can jump in a ‘real’ BC right off the bat… hence skipping what is to me, the very important Cruiser stage of the skill climb.

    I loved getting into The Rifter, then Dessies… but when I bought and fitted my first Stabber… (even though I lost it paint-still-wet to ingnorance and NPCs) but I really ‘felt’ the progression… I knew I was improving my skills and my abilities, I could see it, like walking into your first ‘freshman’ homeroom… Even though you were the lowest of the low in High School, you personally felt you had come a long way… and in truth, you had.

    The Gnosis takes that way… it seems like you have skipped straight from 6th or 7th grade to ‘Freshman’… but, not really… as the Gnosis is the ONLY BC you can fly and if/when you lose it… you find you still have to finish the 6th, 7th & 8th grade to get into any of the other BCs… I feel, personally, that would have pissed me off just a tad back in the heady days of my noobhood.

  6. People are going to tell you to do “this” because I did it or do “that” because I didn’t or whatever… Truth is, there’s plenty of time to train skills and if you stick with it long enough, you will be able to do anything you want.

    Keep it broad for now until you know what career path you want to follow in the game. I always recommend new players spend their first year mapped (Attributes) evenly – with the exception of Charisma – so they can maximize training in a variety of areas. Sure, mapping Willpower/Perception optimizes weapons training or ship command training but what if you want to mine or manufacture? So it just makes sense to spread your attribute points until you know what you want to do.

    But if you must focus in one direction or the other, I would focus on the PVE boat (Raven) right now so you can fill that wallet. Once you get into PVP you’ll just be emptying it.

  7. I love Gallente, I done exactly the same as you when I started (I’m just over 1 year old now) And now I have a love for Amarr ships and their energy weapons.

    The harbinger for instance, is a great pvp ship!
    It’s a good armor tanking ship and you could quickly train up energy weapons to fit meta 4 medium lasers, use multifreq for dps and radio for range.

    But I’m getting off topic. The hurricane is a great sniping alpha ship! But have a good look into amarr ships

  8. I’m a Gallente and Matar pilot at heart and thus have the ability to field drones, hybrids, projectiles, and halfway decent missile platforms for a number of Gal/Min boats. This plays off my desired theme while still maintaining and efficacy for a number of options (both PVP and PVE).

    All those basic drones skills you’ve been working up would not be a waste if you were to progress up the Minmatar line of ships as you can field 25m3 or 40m3 for a number of the ships in addition to your primary weapon system. Furthermore, if you get the desire to fly the pirate varients of the Frig/Cruiser/BS then working up both Gal and Min affords you access and the skills to use the Serpentis and Angel ships (which are IMO some of the more effective and beautiful ships in the game).

    TLDR: Minmatar and Gallente are complementary (while still maintaining the RP aspect of two partnering nation-states) and offer a wide variety of PVE/PVP applications.

  9. I have all sub capital guns trained on my main, and all sub capital missiles on my alt, so I write this from an experienced background.

    If you go missiles then you’ll restrict yourself mostly to PVE. yes there is pvp with missiles like caracal/drake/tengu fleets, but the majority ov PVP is gun based.

    If you go for guns, however, then you can do both PVP and PVE. and the core skills are the same for all 3 races, whereas missiles core skills are good mainly for caldari. that being said, missiles are easier for PVE than turrets. but high level PVE such as incursions never take missile boats.

    If you decide to go for turrets, the best choices are either energy turrets or projectile turrets, but the former require much higher skillpoints in all areas of using a ship so that you don’t run out of cap and other things.

    Personally I love lasers, they’re the coolest weapons, no reload timers, instant change of crystals, and badass effect.

    However, for a new character I would recommend projectiles because they require no cap, are more rookie friendly than lasers, and are on par with lasers for combat effectiveness.

    Hurricane is a great pvp ship, but you’re better starting off with a rupture 😉

  10. What happened? I haven’t seen a new post for what seemed like forever. Are you still playing? I’m fairly new myself. I love reading about a similarly new players’ perspective. i would love to see more posts lei.

    • Sorry, RL stuff was mostly to blame. I just wrote a good sized post that will hopefully make up for it and now I should be able to update more frequently again. 🙂

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