About Rising Star

On June 5th, 2013 I made a simple thread on Reddit about my first 4 days as a trial player on EVE Online. It wasn’t meant to be a big deal.

Hundreds of comments and messages later, including shares on CCP’s social media, it appears many people liked my story. They asked for a blog, and here it is.


3 thoughts on “About Rising Star

  1. joined wordpress just to like your blog really glad you’ve taken to eve so well… as you may be able to tell, with the outpouring of welcomes and isk love, its a close knit and friendly/evil universe to play in 🙂 that being said i have spent 6 years on this game and although i have around 9b isk and many ships (most i dont use) i fear you have already surpassed me in terms of actually being involved in this game. i mine and do lvl 4s but having read the comments on your reddit feed i am forced to admit what i have always thought… namely that i have barely scratched the surface. dont worry i am leading somewhere with this 🙂 my main chars name is Draem rylas i live in minmatar space and would appreciate any tips or info you get on lo/nullsec, fleets, wormholes… and if you need anything (not that i think you do at the moment) dont hesitate to ask. i am the only person in my corp as the rest have slowly left due to other commitments and am beginning to feel the loneliness of space. you write with a style that draws the eye, and brain, on through the text with what seems like relative ease. thankyou for reminding me why i play this game 🙂

    take it easy and fly experimentally 🙂

  2. I welcome you to the industrial fold sir. Kill rocks and wipe the rats. I have nothing to offer you do not already have access to.

    Your story is in a way why I play. I like finding new pilots and helping them find a direction. I like helping. It’s who I am. Enjoy the time you spend with your fellow pilots. Embrace EVE.

    I exist to serve,
    Sadik Dra, CEO Dra Industrial Group

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